Our research team is dedicated to increasing their field of thought with the desire to move away from conventional practices:

To offer patients and healthcare professionals a new approach and alternative, natural solutions in oral dental health

 Our research focuses principally on the inexhaustible potential of marine active ingredients, but also upon  the research of synergies with other natural active ingredients, or even on the development of original galenic formulations to improve effectiveness.

This is the case with OLIGOGUM® Comfort “seawater in a gel” formulation, which adheres to the gum, resulting in a veritable technological innovation validated by the award of an exclusive patent to the RDPM laboratory.

Seawater is the natural element at the heart of all that our team works for. It is a source of daily inspiration not only due to its known actions, but also through its as-yet unexploited potential that remains to be explored.
Our research and development department are committed to discovering synergies with other active ingredients selected for their natural origins, leading to original and effective natural formulae, free from parabens, preservatives, artificial colouring or perfume.

We work to propose alternatives to conventional oral treatments: with effective products in which the consumer can have confidence because they are formulated without harmful or harsh components.

Our manufacturing processes strictly respect the Good Manufacturing Practices – GMP – of ISO 227716 standard and the European Regulation on Cosmetic Products. We offer the “Made in France” guarantee:

With manufacturing, packaging, storage and expedition managed exclusively in France by specially selected and controlled teams.

With the assurance of full traceability throughout the supply chain: from primary materials right up to distribution to the consumer or to point of sale.